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botox - crows feet male before and after
botox - crows feet before and after
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Botox: The answer to a younger looking you!


Facial beauty is sought after and desired. It creates attention, and it affects our status in society. Botox is a major breakthrough in fighting the ageing process and has revolutionised how and why we stay looking and feeling young. More and more people are opting to change the way they look by using non-surgical treatments such as Botox.

As we age, collagen production slows down. Our skin becomes less elastic over time and repeated muscle frowning may create visible lines and wrinkles. These lines are sometimes referred to, depending on location, as crow’s feet, forehead furrows and glabella folds (between the eyebrows). These wrinkles are caused by overactive muscle movement which gradually wear away the collagen in the skin, causing the skin to crease and wrinkles to appear.

Every time we frown, squint or smile, the skin is creased in the areas of greatest use. The more expressive you are, the deeper the lines become. Prominent facial lines can be misinterpreted as anger, anxiety, fatigue or sadness and are characteristic of the ageing face.


Botox injections reduce the wrinkles on your face and take years off your appearance. They are the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the industry and are the beauty world's hottest commodity.

Botox was first approved in 1989 to treat muscle disorders and was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002.

Azzalure is the toxin product of choice at Rejuvenate Medical Aesthetics. It is a purified protein which is injected into specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them, softening facial expressions and helping to reverse the signs of ageing. The allure of the product is that it helps battle the signs of aging in a non-invasive way, leaves no unsightly scars and doesn't require any recovery time.

How Botox works

Botulinum Toxin temporarily blocks the nerve endings to the facial muscles causing them to relax. By reducing muscle movement, the skin stops being creased and is allowed to recover, causing the lines to soften and fade away.

Azzalure normally takes an average 0f 2-3 days to start working, although it may take a little longer for the full effects to be seen. The speed of action will depend on the strength of your facial muscles and your individual response to the injection. In most areas you can expect excellent results for about three months with somewhat diminishing results for an additional three months. Clinical trials report that people who have regular treatment over a 12 month period may only need further injections twice a year.

Botox provides an excellent non-surgical solution to facial lines and wrinkles.

What Will Be Involved In My Treatment?

You will initially be consulted by one of our medical professionals who will advise you and answer your questions. Your indications for treatment will be assessed and the advantages and possible side effects will be discussed. You will be asked to sign a consent form and to fill in a medical questionnaire. You will be photographed prior to treatment and these photos will be kept in your medical records for future reference. The treatment will then be carried out at one of our out sourced clinics.

The treatment involves injecting very small doses of Botox via an extremely fine needle into the appropriate area. This can cause a brief stinging sensation. The discomfort is so mild that anaesthesia is not required. There is generally no recovery period. You can go directly back to your normal activities. We carry out our treatments in a variety of prestigious salons within Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire and can also visit youin the comfort of your own home inthe following areas: Cambridgeshire,Peterborough,Huntingdon,Hertfordshire andEssex.

Will My Lines Look Worse If I Choose Not To Continue Treatments?

No. Your lines gradually revert back to their pre-treatment appearance.

Will I look frozen and expressionless?

No. We are able to minimise any possible loss of facial expression by injecting smaller quantities into the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles. It is possible to have Botox and still look natural.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

There is always the extremely rare risk of an unknown side effect with any drug. The drug has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since 1988 and since 2002 for cosmetic use. Minor side effects occur in a very small number of clients and are always fully reversible.

Possible side effects include mild pain at the injection site which dissipates almost immediately after the injection is given. There is no pain after the procedure and no medication is required. Mild bruising which resolves itself after a few days. This can be treated with ice if required and makeup can be used to conceal any discolouration. Ptosis (drooping) of the upper lid which is extremely rare and is reversible.

Who Should Carry Out These Treatments?

Botox is a prescription only medicine and must be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or an independent nurse prescriber. The treatments must also be carried out by one of these medical professionals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start from £180

The price includes all consultations and after care appointments and advice.