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Chemical Skin Peels and Skin Care Products

Your skin is your greatest beauty asset and should be protected and maintained. The skin on your face, neck and décolletage ages more quickly as it is under constant stress and attack from the environment.

Chemical peeling is a treatment employing chemical substances which react with the upper layers of skin, causing a controlled damage at various levels and hence, both superficial and deep stimulus for dermal structure renewal.

The purpose of a peel is to remedy skin ageing; pigmentation marks and acne scars etc… After having a peel, the skins texture is refined and the complexion becomes clearer and brighter.

Peels are classified as light, medium or deep, depending on the depth to which the skin is treated. Your practitioner can help you decide which peel you will need. This will be dependent on the condition of your skin and the results you are looking for.


These are superficial peel treatments, which are quick and have a gradual, accumulative effect. These treatments are for patients who do not want their skin to flake, but who want an effective acne or anti-ageing treatment.

Glycolic Acid is one of the AHAs, a group of naturally occurring substances often referred to as ‘fruit acids’ because they are found naturally in various fruits and other foods. Citric acid is an alpha and betahydroxyacid with proven anti-aging antioxidant effects.

Many skin problems are caused by or associated with an excessive build up of dead skin cells that makes the skin thick and dull and may cause clogged pores. AHAs help to loosen and remove the surface layers of skin as well as promote more even pigmentation and deeper skin firming effects. A glycolic acid peel treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal.


These are medium to deep peels and are recommended to treat age spots and acne. It also puts the glow back into tired skin. It is a painless procedure and the treatment consists of four sessions (one peel per week). These treatments rapidly remove the damaged layers of skin cells, revealing fresh skin, and stimulating cell rebuilding and restructuring of deeper skin layers.

With this peel, your skin will flake more noticeably. This normally occurs on days three, four and five post treatment. The results however are brilliant and will give your skin a fresher, brighter rejuvenated look.


AHA skin peels start at £50 per peel or £250 for a course of 6 treatments.
TCA skin peels are £600 for a course of 4 treatments


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